Vacation Days

I used to think that vacation days were days that you spent relaxing. Now, I realize that leisure is something you pack into every waking minute until you’re begging for mercy. The point of vacation, it has become apparent, is to make you so miserable and stressed out that you feel relaxed at work. Yesterday was not a good vacation day. 

Yesterday was a shifting moving Target of sand. Every time I thought I’d pulled my aim right on the target, it was elsewhere. Our plans for the day got rained out, then a backup plan was formed in a way that made it seem as though there was a light at the end of the tunnel. That light was created by the sheer body heat created by the gigantic crowd at the end. After wading through that area, I thought a pool trip might be in order. It was late, but the hotel pool was well occupied. I swam in spite of everyone else present. 

As I went back to the room exhausted a final thought occurred to me. I hadn’t written a word that day. It was quite upsetting. So, today, as I get driven to the days activities, I write a post about the stresses of vacation. The day is coming on fast and I hope I can keep up with its rigors. 

Only missed two days so far, not good, but not as bad as I thought it would be. 


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